Ambassadeurs Group is a collection of unique brands operating in primarily digital economy sectors of education, ecommerce and entertainment.

We see the world changing rapidly due to significant behavioural and technological changes materialising out of the global pandemic. We see tremendous value in adapting our business to contribute in a more inclusive manner that benefits as many stakeholders as possible.

We intend for our group of expanding brands to pursue the highest standards available in each respective sector and area that we contribute towards, and focus on generating positive influential impacts. We believe in the many positive aspects of stakeholder capitalism as published by the World Economic Forum (, and intend to research and pilot multiple initiatives to generate positive impact and outcomes for as many stakeholders as possible, in sustainable and compelling formats.

Our desire is to share our profits, outcomes and findings with academics, like-minded strategic partners and the wider community as case studies to inspire others to innovate and give critical thought on how to raise standards and develop best practices in more areas. We wish to be a positive example that operates in a more holistic manner in pursuit of a more inclusive and happier world for all humankind.

We wish for all citizens of the world to benefit from inclusion and accessibility to resources, training and resilience, as society moves rapidly towards the Brave New Digital World.
Stakeholders will expand over time as our ecosystem grows with primary collaborations and efforts starting with our work family, our clients, our communities, and other strategic partners. will provide a public relations platform to promote best practices and sharing of ideas and information to inspire and better society
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