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Commerce is changing. The exponential growth of ecommerce has not only enabled large retailers to increase their selling options but has also enabled individuals to start their own businesses, capitalising on the low overheads and additional support networks becoming more available recently e.g. ecommerce platforms, fulfilment centres, and distribution networks. The Ambassadeurs Group has a strong focus and belief in this new democratised ecommerce world, particularly by supporting and giving a platform for underrepresented businesses through one of its brands CharityMate. Continued innovation and new technology are the driving forces that improve our lives and the world we live in. It helps us adapt to new challenges that we face personally and as a society. The Ambassadeurs Group supports and builds innovation into everything it does to continually raise standards, maximise opportunities and optimise outcomes for all.

Will online shopping keep rising or will people rush back to retail stores in 2021?

With large ecom giants snapping up high-street brands and the exponential growth of online shopping globally, the future – or 2021 at least – is looking positive for ecommerce.

Online spending explodes in China, but will mega-malls lure consumers back to retail stores? Amazon Pantry closes down in favour of something more flexible and curated for online grocery shopping, and we look at how one online food delivery company is preparing for its first multi-billion dollar IPO. Finally, how has Brexit impacted the ecommerce industry now that the UK is officially no longer part of the EU?

How did technology respond to the pandemic in 2020?

It looked like Covid might put innovation in the deep freeze, as markets tumbled and innovators went into lockdown with the rest of us. Then it turned out that technology would prove our salvation, propping up home life with food and parcels and online entertainment, office life with remote working software, and healthcare systems with speedily developed vaccines. The consequences have been significant: city dwellers found they could move out to cheaper, greener homes and work from there; meanwhile, others found their jobs at risk from accelerating automation. When it comes to technology, will history come to look back on 2020 as a turning point?


Who were the winners and losers in the end-of-year ecommerce race?

Brands have had to learn to adapt, quickly, to consumer expectations and government lockdown regulations, meaning ecommerce and retail technology have grown exponentially in the last 12 months.

Entrepreneurial startups have been quicker to adapt than giant ecom retailers, tech giants have joined forces to offer seamless solutions and online sales have surpassed expectations. But with gains and wins, there are also losers and the fallout impact of shifting consumer spending habits is something brands and retailers will be dealing with for some time yet.

In the year that we sat on our sofas and shopped online, we explore who were the winners in ecommerce: the brands or the consumers?

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