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The Ambassadeurs Group was born from the ownership and c-suite teams of Les Ambassadeurs Casino in Mayfair, London UK, and has a long history in the industry. The Ambassadeurs Group will raise standards and awareness across many areas by understanding the motivations behind gambling, improve education, and ultimately promote safer gambling.

No Time to Tighten Customer Affordability Rules?

As the new James Bond movie, ‘No Time To Die’, hits UK cinema screens, some will wonder why Daniel Craig decided to call it a day after five outings in the title role. 

Others (including those with an interest in gambling regulation) will query whether future screenplays will need to interrupt the usual high action suspenseful scenes from the word go by requiring 007 to delay his arrival at a British roulette table rather longer than has been evident in previous films. The reason for this delay will be to enable him to provide the casino management with the duly required three months’ payslips (from MI6), his numerous bank statements, his tax returns and more to prove he has sufficient discretionary income to afford to gamble the high piles of gaming chips he intends to line up before him. 

That’s not all. Those already writing the next film script will need to take account of the fact that, as one of the casino’s highest value customers, Bond will have to prove that his spending is sufficiently affordable and sustainable to warrant him receiving and maintaining his VIP status.  

Gambling’s Year in Review: What does the Government’s examination of legislation mean for Britain’s licensed operators?

December saw the long-awaited commencement of the Government’s review of the Gambling Act – the widest-ranging review of gambling legislation in Britain in two decades. The review will cover a wide range of questions regarding the extent to which betting and games of chance should be permitted and under what circumstances.

The announcement of the review followed the launch in December of the Gambling Commission’s review of remote interactions guidance – including proposals to require anyone depositing £100 or more a month to submit bank statements or tax returns in order to demonstrate affordability.

These consultations round off a tempestuous year for the licensed gambling industry – a period in which the land-based bricks and mortar casinos have suffered intensely while online casinos have thrived.

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