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Ambassadeurs Academy

Putting our WorkFamily front and centre

We support our WorkFamily in multiple ways, through charitable, sustainable and educational initiatives. Our newest – and most high-profile – initiative is the launch of Ambassadeurs Academy. Its aim is to make learning and upskilling available to everyone regardless of the job they currently do or their academic achievements. It was devised in direct response to a company survey to discover what they would like from upskilling. The result is an industry-leading initiative that puts our people at the heart of all we do.

Learning from our WorkFamily

During the Covid pandemic many of our WorkFamily learnt new skills. Our Learning and Development team offered weekly online courses during the same period. In October 2021, we polled our WorkFamily to better understand their attitudes to learning and development – some 90% cared about upskilling. So, we responded. We built our Academy platform and partnered with two providers to access apprenticeships. And we formed an Academy Panel to ensure applications are treated fairly and consistently.

A 24/7 platform

The Ambassadeurs Academy Platform gives our WorkFamily access to learning and development. It offers a wide range of courses and content that provide help and support 24/7, to fit in with staff rotas. Content is delivered in several languages, reflecting the diversity of our team. Our Academy combines the learning Platform and apprenticeship schemes with a High Potential Programme, development for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and even a two-week programme at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Inspiring every generation

Our Ambassadeurs Academy launched in September 2022. It is just the start of an initiative that will support our WorkFamily and inspire them to learn new skills and develop ones they already have. We know that by doing this we are not just helping our current WorkFamily progress, we are showing the way for future recruits, and inspiring our partners and members. The wellbeing of our WorkFamily ensures the company thrives.

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