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Human capital: is this the new viral currency?

What do you think when you consider the definition of the word ‘asset’? Whilst they come in many different forms – fixed,…


CSR – the only business investment that never fails

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an understanding that the actions a business takes and the decisions it makes, have an impact on…


Stakeholder Capitalism: the power shift is changing – will you lead or will you follow?

Stakeholder capitalism is a management theory that is prevailing its way back onto the corporate agenda. It’s the strategy concept that focuses…


Who are the giants leading eCommerce in 2021?

Will the eCommerce industry continue to ride the wave left by COVID-19? And how about the impact of Brexit on eCommerce, now…

Lifestyle & Luxury

What does luxury look like in 2021?

Kicking off 2021 with a fresh outlook isn’t easy in the middle of a pandemic and global lockdowns, but we ask; what…


Sustainability steps up a gear amidst pandemic impacts

Concerns that sustainability would fall by the wayside as a luxury nice-to-have for governments and businesses weathering the pandemic have proved largely…


Measures to tackle the climate crisis and biodiversity loss given a surprise boost by the pandemic

A turbulent cloud of pandemic lockdowns had an unexpected silver lining for the environment. Attitudes and expectations shifted in both the public…

New Technology

Kill or cure? How technology responded to the pandemic in 2020

It looked like Covid-19 might put innovation in the deep freeze, as markets tumbled and innovators went into lockdown with the rest…


Who were the winners and losers at the end-of-year eCommerce race?

Brands have had to learn to adapt, quickly, to consumer expectations and government lockdown regulations, meaning eCommerce and retail technology have grown…

Charities & Inclusion

Despite the pandemic, Brits donate to charities supporting inclusion and good causes.

As 2020 concludes, it is important to reflect on the impact the pandemic has had on charities. With the holidays approaching, we’re…

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