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Our Purpose

We are driven by an ambition to give back to society. We nurture small businesses and help to raise vital funds for charities and good causes. We support our WorkFamily through charitable, sustainable and educational initiatives. Our ambition ranges from big gestures – such as our industry-leading commitment to voluntarily donate 1% of our annual Gross Gaming Yield (GGY) to Research, Education and Treatment (RET), to smaller ones such as our support for a London gardening charity. Everything we do is united by our core purpose: to raise standards and give back. We are building better futures for our people, planet, members and communities.

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How we give back – and pay it forward

We concentrate our corporate philanthropy across four areas: Mental Health & Wellbeing, Education, Safer Gambling, and Our Community. By organising our efforts in this way, we are able to make a meaningful difference, to grow and share our learnings, and to deliver key campaigns throughout the year whilst also supporting charities and causes on an ad-hoc basis.

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Equality Diversity & Inclusion

How we behave in terms of our socially responsible agenda reflects who we are: ours is a team where everyone is welcome. We are a proudly diverse organisation, representing many cultures and languages. We promote equality, as evidenced by the people who make up our WorkFamily. We believe inclusivity allows us access to greater talent to hire, grow and retain the best team. We embrace differences. We know these differences make us stronger.

How we build better futures

The Oppo Foundation

Helps military veterans, their family and dependents, return to civilian life. Leaving the military is about more than a career change; it is an identity change and means leaving behind a support network and community. Projects include Team OppO, which champions people into sport.

Playground Theatre

A thriving local theatre in Kensington and Chelsea, which also offers outreach projects such as Well Read, which promotes wellbeing in the community. Originally a bus depot, the Theatre is a place for innovative artists of all disciplines to ‘play’ with their imaginative ideas.

Better Change

With a tagline of ‘protect from gambling harm’ Better Change is about tackling gambling addiction and the connected issues such as homelessness. They do it by partnering with operators to help them raise standards through improved compliance, innovative social responsibility strategies, and safer gambling tools.

The Abbey Centre

This community hub for south Westminster provides a community space and a range of programmes, activities and opportunities to support local residents and community organisations. With a focus on health and wellbeing, the charity aims to improve lives and opportunities of locals.


Our work to raise money for DEC’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal is a good example of how we flex our giving back to make sure it goes where it is most needed. In this instance, the DEC and its local partners provided food, water, shelter, and medical assistance for the Ukraine.

The Felix Project

The aim is simple: to tackle hunger and help the most vulnerable in our society. They collect and deliver surplus fresh food and distribute it to charities and schools so they can provide health meals.

The Girls’ Network

No girl's future should be limited by her background, gender or parental income. To help shape the future generation, the Girls' Network partners with secondary schools and colleges to match girls aged 14-19 with a female mentor.

The Kids Network

This network is a community of children and volunteer mentors who connect through fun, friendship and hardship for positive social change. It supports children by providing them with a mentor – a local hero – from their London community.

Change Please

This is where social enterprise and coffee expertise blend. Every cup of coffee helps change someone’s life for the better. All profit helps people experiencing homelessness, a living wage job, housing or other issues, a fresh shot at life.

Our Future

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