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Giving Back

Les Ambassadeurs casino raises GambleAware donations in 2023

The industry-leading commitment further increases to 1.1% the gross gambling yield that the iconic casino contributes to the gambling charity

Kevin McGowen from Les Ambassadeurs

Les Ambassadeurs Kevin McGowen

Les Ambassadeurs Club has increased the percentage of gross gambling yield (GGY) it contributes to GambleAware for the second year in a row. The iconic Mayfair casino will now contribute an industry- leading 1.1% – more than ten times the rest of the industry – to support research, education and treatment (RET) to help reduce the risk of gambling harms.

It comes as the Club is given an industry award in recognition of its corporate philanthropy and community engagament. The International Casino Exhibition (ICE) Landmark award was given (February 08 2023) to mark groundbreaking work in raising standards and giving back across Ambassadeurs Group. This includes £500,000 raised at the casino during Safer Gambling Week in 2022, and which is also earmarked for RET listed charities. The GGY contribution is an increase on the 1% the Club contributed in 2022, which was itself a statement of intent that disrupted the gambling industry.

‘We said then that we were determined to go above and beyond the letter and spirit of the Gambling Commission’s licensing guidance in this respect,’ said Kevin McGowen, Les Ambassadeurs’ Chief Executive. ‘We are delighted that GambleAware will once again ensure the funds reach those charities best placed to deliver excellence. Les Ambassadeurs Club is committed to championing safer gambling practices and helping to raise standards across the industry to offer support to anyone at risk of gambling harm.’

‘We are doing what we set out to do, which is improve lives where we can; this is a privilege for us’.

Kevin McGowen, Les Ambassadeurs’ Chief Executive

Going further still, an additional 0.1% of GGY will also be earmarked for harm prevention and education in the gaming sector, where more focus is expected. ‘We have increased our commitment in a tangible way, and one that we know will make a significant difference,’ said McGowen. Zoë Osmond, GambleAware Chief Executive, said: ‘We welcome this commitment from Les Ambassadeurs and their dedication to increase their RET contribution at this key time. Their invaluable donation will further support our work, and the work of our partners, to improve and expand existing research and prevention services, as well as improving the accessibility of the National Gambling Treatment Service.’

The Les Ambassadeurs RET position is currently at odds with that of the rest of the industry, which contributes less of their GGY. Les Ambassadeurs also contributes additional funding to other RET listed charities on top of its 1.1% . Les Ambassadeurs is going further still, with the ground-breaking move to start a funding stream to prevent any potential harm from gaming.

It is a year in which McGowen led the creation of Ambassadeurs Group with the aim of bringing together different brands, including Les Ambassadeurs, with a goal to raise standards and give back, and by doing so to build better futures for members, staff, local communities and the planet. The Group has raised significant funds in its first year and has used it them make charitable donations as part of its wider corporate philanthropy. Organisations and good causes that benefit from the Group’s donations are wide-ranging and include those connected and unconnected to the gambling and gaming industry.

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