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Giving Back

Why Christmas is for children

At Ambassadeurs Group giving back is not just for Christmas – it is a year-round event. But that doesn’t stop some extra special festive treats for the children’s charities the Group supports

Christmas is always a time of giving and receiving. For Ambassadeurs Group (AG) it is a time to celebrate some of the charities it supports throughout the year. The festive 2022 period was one of giving – it was all about small gestures to make a big impact by providing people with economic support and helping charity volunteers feel appreciated.

AG donated:

  • 115 tickets for Disney on Ice to Barrie Wells Trust, Momentum Children’s Charity, The Kids Network and The Abbey Centre
  • 600 vouchers to Odeon cinemas to The Kids Network, New Horizon Youth Centre, The Abbey Centre
  • 500 vouchers to buy Christmas gifts and food at Argos or a supermarket

The donations are not just treats; they make an impact for those who receive them. ‘Whilst a £10 voucher to Argos or Marks & Spencer can seem like a nice gesture, to many of our service users the receipt of these vouchers has been a significant event,’ says Adam Greenhalgh Head of Community Programmes at the Abbey Centre, which supports its local community in Westminster. ‘It’s been the difference between being able to buy a Christmas present for children or buy much needed food over the festive period.’

The support provided by AG allowed the Abbey Centre to thank volunteers and staff for the vital work they do. ‘We’ve given every volunteer and staff member a cinema ticket voucher for £25. Many of our volunteers had never taken their children to the local cinema because it was too expensive – these small gestures are therefore significant events that go to people who in my opinion deserve it most,’ says Adam.

‘Many of our volunteers are in the same economic situation as the communities they serve. An extra special gift came in being able to give out around 30 tickets to Disney on Ice for volunteers who deliver our community pantry. The volunteers who attended took their children, making it a once in a lifetime experience for them.’

The Abbey Centre is not the only organisation to benefit from AG’s corporate philanthropy. A mentor at The Kids Network, says: ‘We had a fantastic time. It was lovely to see her face light up and to know I was giving her a new experience.’

Momentum Children’s Charity supports families across south west London, Surrey and Sussex whose children are facing cancer or another life-challenging condition. Watching Disney on Ice was a bright point in a sometimes-dark time. ‘Disney on Ice was beyond brilliant,’ says one parent. ‘What a treat for us. We’ve had a horrible year, and this was such a wonderful way to end it with something so lovely for the whole family.’ Another parent adds: ‘We loved it. We’re going to be talking about Disney for a long time, and singing! It was two hours of pure joy.’

And finally, Ingrid, whose daughter Charlotte has a number of cardiac issues, including a hole in the wall of the heart and an abnormal mitral value, causing it to become narrow and very tight, went to Disney on Ice as part of the Barrie Wells Trust. ‘Charlotte wants to get a job in musicals when she is older, so she was really inspired seeing the amazing dancing and special effects,’ says a Box 4 Kids representative. Box 4 Kids operates the corporate boxes, which are donated by companies like AG. ‘Ingrid also mentioned that the girls were very excited to get entry into the ‘posh lounge’ which is so lovely.’

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