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Raising standards in the gambling industry

AG’s commitment to safer gambling is part of its overall approach to raise standards in the industry and beyond

ICE London 2023, the gambling industry’s leading event, was as much about safer gambling as it was about showcasing the newest trends in the sector. It was an opportunity for Tracy Damestani, Ambassadeur Group’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, to explain how the Group is delivering on its commitment to safer gambling.

Les Ambassadeurs Club, the Mayfair casino for ultra-high-net-worth individuals, is part of the Group, and shares the overall commitment to building better futures for its people, planet, members and communities. Tracy explained that part of this vision is realised by raising standards in the gambling industry and particularly around safer gambling.

In a conversation at the Consumer Protection Zone she called it ‘the cornerstone of everything we do’, and added: ‘That is why in 2022 we announced we were making an additional contribution by raising our GGY [gross gaming yield] to research, education and treatment [RET] from 0.1% to 1% and then we have gone even further – increasing it to 1.1% in 2023.

‘We are the only UK operator that is doing this. We are paying more than 10 times more than anyone else in the UK. It will go to GambleAware.’

Press play to hear more from Tracy at the Consumer Protection Zone at ICE London in February 2023.

Visitors attending a busy event.

Photography by ICE London

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