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Let the music play…

Introducing Paul Pacifico, one of the music industry’s busiest people – and AG’s newest adviser

Paul Pacifico is not just one of the music industry’s busiest people, he is also one of its best kept secrets – at least for those outside the industry. He has been a champion of the independent sector for the past six years, as CEO of the Association of Independent Music (AIM). At the same time, he teaches at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain, and is also a board trustee for English National Ballet.

Paul is about to take up a new role as CEO of the Saudi Music Commission. At the same time, he is becoming an adviser to Ambassadeurs Group (AG) where he will be able to share insights and contacts to help the Group’s giving back strategy. The advisory role is a good match for his skillset, as he explains on the AG podcast. Paul sits at the epicentre of music, technology, education, and enterprise. He is well-placed to talk about diversity, and how to champion it.

The harmonica player is proof that music stars are not always centre stage. And he gives some advice to the next generation of music stars. ‘If you want to play a game, learn the rules,’ he says.

Listen to the podcast or read the full interview below:

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