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Levelling up in action

Giving back starts at home for AG. The Group’s head of HR explains how – and why – the WorkFamily are supported at every point

The cost-of-living crisis is something Ambassadeurs Group (AG) takes seriously. In October its heart-of house staff – those working in the kitchen and hospitality staff – received an inflation busting pay rise. The increase took their basic pay from £9.50-an-hour to £12-an-hour, internally known as the Living Wage PLUS.

As Head of HR at the Group Simionne Marshall is heavily involved in the people-centred strategies. Listen to her podcast, where she explains why AG works so hard to ensure the WorkFamily have good working conditions as well as perks and benefits. She explains why, when it comes to giving back and building better futures, it all starts with the Group’s staff.

Listen to the podcast or read the full interview below:

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