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It’s going to be a lovely day

AG’s film of its first anniversary event is a celebration of the people who made it possible

Few lyrics sum up the aims of Ambassadeurs Group (AG) as well as the Bill Withers classic Lovely Day. With lines such as ‘When the day that lies ahead of me seems impossible to face, when someone else instead of me always seems to know the way’.

So, it was a stroke of genius that The Kingdom Choir chose to sing Lovely Day as part of its performance to mark the first year of the Group (February 28th 2023). It was an event that brought together some of the people who have helped drive AG forward, as well as some of the charities and organisations that have benefitted from the Group’s corporate philanthropy and community engagement.

Kevin McGowen, CEO of AG, knew that there was an opportunity to do something special by engaging members of Les Ambassadeurs Club with the broader aims to give back. As he said to guests on the anniversary evening: ‘We had an opportunity to raise standards and build better futures for everyone. We are grateful you are with us on this journey and teaching us the right ways to do it to make an impact.’

Watch the video to hear more about AG’s purpose and to hear the world-famous Kingdom Choir.

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