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The explosion of social media over the last decade or so has dramatically increased the visibility and interest in the lifestyle and luxury sectors around the world. The Ambassadeurs Group has a large international VIP client base and understands these sectors well, so have created Essential Lifestyle to showcase the latest developments and news across lifestyle and luxury to give insight and inspire people to pursue their dreams of adventure.

What does luxury look like in 2021?

Kicking off 2021 with a fresh outlook isn’t easy in the middle of a pandemic and global lockdowns, but we ask; what are the positives to look forward to this year?

Luxury international travel is back on the agenda, and sales of luxury cars, watches, and real estate are booming. Meanwhile, fashion and couture brands have pivoted to offer consumers access to their collections virtually, arguably making everyone a fashion critic.  

We take a look at a slightly more optimistic outlook and what people will be spending their money on in 2021.

How will we bring some luxury to the end of 2020?

As we wave goodbye to 2020, it may be hard to think: were there any positives that came out of this year? We got used to living a more sedate lifestyle, barely using our cars and not being able to visit friends’ homes and we had experiences such as international travel taken away from us, but there were some green shoots amongst the chaos.

From on-demand fitness streamed into your own home and the opportunity of remote working on a yacht in the Bahamas, to sales of luxury food and watches skyrocketing and the promise of a Covid vaccine meaning a return to whatever will become the ‘new normal’ lifestyle, we explore what happened in December.

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